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General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is an academic qualification within the UK education system consisting of exams in particular subjects. These exams, which are conducted by 5 different exam boards across the UK, generally determine the student’s competence with grades on a scale from 1 to 9 or from A* to G.

These exams certifying competency in secondary education remain as a reference point for those who further study within the UK education system. Thus, these exams can be considered as the first milestone in students` education life. A higher grade in this very first step contributes to students` academic achievements especially in entering the faculties in their university education.

We are a group of Mathematics and Economics teachers dedicated to educating new generations with several years of experience. Until now we have tutored at other platforms & venues and decided to set up our own business under this platform.

The education team is composed of tutors who have bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and who are experienced both within their fields and the British education system. Our tutors are specifically competent in teaching the GCSE exams organized by Edexcel, OCR and AQA boards. We have trainees to support our teaching staff. Trainees can lead sessions in collective question solution sessions. Our teaching staff is also supported by experienced British education veterans who have been teaching at GCSE level for years and retired.

Classes can be held both in Turkish and English depending on the student`s demand.

We hold classes for below subjects:

As Class On Time, we have a holistic approach hence aim to provide the necessary guidance for our students with the GCSE’s changing terms. As a result of our medium-term approach, we provide bespoke consultancy tailored for each student`s own education needs if required. In this context, our services include below:


It connects the tutor and the student at any time and any place.


It allows the student to take a class in more than 100 topics.


It ensures that the student can get 1-to-1 support at any level in a topic.


It provides the opportunity to receive high quality and reliable classes at affordable prices.

Stay home, yet up-to-date!

Take online classes from tutors who have mastered the UK education system.

It is now convenient to be successful in exams with 1-to-1 classes at any level, specially designed according to the needs of the student, by experts with more than 20 years of experience. The main purpose is to increase and consolidate the student’s knowledge level by identifying his or her difficulties.

In the Comfort of Your Home

You can take private classes remotely with the infrastructure we have developed for you and without the need of being together physically.

Distinguished Tutors

From our database of teachers having 20 years of experience, we find the right tutor for you.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your first online class is for free. If you are not satisfied, we will assign you another tutor.


You can arrange your classes according to your needs and timetable.

Review with Assignments

At the end of your online 1-to-1 private classes, you can request assignments from your tutor and strengthen your knowledge by revising them.


You can arrange your online private classes for half the cost of the physical lessons. You can access quality private tutoring support from anywhere with COT.


Affordable Prices

How many classes do you need to fulfil the requirements?
The first class is free in each package.

1 Private Lesson
1 Private Lesson

£ 35

One-Time Payment

  • 60 minutes Private 1-to-1
  • Class within a daytime
3 Private Lesson
3 Private Lesson

£ 100

One-Time Payment

  • 180 minutes Private 1-to-1
  • Class within 5-day period
5 Private Lesson
5 Private Lesson

£ 160

One-Time Payment

  • 300 minutes Private 1-to-1
  • Class within 7-day period
10 Private Lesson
10 Private Lesson

£ 300

One-Time Payment

  • 600 minutes Private 1-to-1
  • Class within 10-day period

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend classes?

No, you do not. You can drop the course anytime or continue the same topic with the same instructor or another instructor. If you wish, you can also make use of your package to improve your knowledge in other branches.

Do I have to turn on my camera during classes?

No, students can attend the classes with their cameras on or off. Whenever they want, they can interrupt the instructors and ask questions during the lesson.

Do I have to have a computer for lessons?

We recommend students attend the online classes on the largest available screen for their own benefits. Yet, the live streaming infrastructure works on mobile phones and tablets too!

What if I have a technical problem?

The COT infrastructure has been designed in a way to minimize the number of technical problems during the lessons. However, if such a problem occurs due to any reason such as internet failure etc., the time loss is added to the duration of the class, or classes are rescheduled to another available time spot.

You can book to start classes straightaway.

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